.NET Lecture Series

The .NET Lecture Series consists of the lectures listed below.  Please be aware that some of the namespace lectures have information taken from Microsoft's MSDN .NET documentation webiste.  No copyright infringement is intended and is solely there as a way to quickly jog my own memory.  With that said, all of the examples appearing throughout this lecture series are my own examples which I painstakingly coded, compiled and executed.

  1. ProgrammingI-Introduction to Object-Oriented Concepts
  2. ProgrammingII-Beginning C#
  3. ProgrammingIII-Advanced C#
  4. ProgrammingIV-1 System Namespace
  5. ProgrammingIV-2 System.Collections Namespace
  6. ProgrammingIV-3 System.Collections.Generic Namespace
  7. ProgrammingIV-4A System.Data Namespace
  8. ProgrammingIV-4B System.Data.Odbc Namespace
  9. ProgrammingIV-4C System.Data.Oledb Namespace
  10. ProgrammingIV-4D Oracle.DataAccess.Client Namespace
  11. ProgrammingIV-4E System.Data.SqlClient Namespace
  12. ProgrammingIV-4F System.Data.SqlTypes Namespace
  13. ProgrammingIV-5 System.Drawing Namespace
  14. ProgrammingIV-6 System.IO Namespace
  15. ProgrammingIV-7 System.Numerics Namespace
  16. ProgrammingIV-8 System.Text Namespace
  17. ProgrammingV-Introduction to LINQ
  18. ProgrammingVI-Introduction to Visual C# 2010 Express Edition

You can find these lectures by clicking on the Slidedecks link on the left and then clicking on the .NET Presentations link, or click here.  I am currently working on additional .NET lectures and will upload them once they are complete.  Also, don't forget to look in the Documents section under .NET Documents for my C# Self-Inflicted projects you might be interested in.