PHP5, Amazon API and Facebook Development

I finally had enough time to learn PHP5, some of the Amazon Product Advertising API as well as a little bit of Facebook Development.  I combined all of these technologies into one website I created called Top-Itz ( as well as a Facebook Application called topitzapp (  The goal was to give Facebook users of the app the ability to add their own Amazon Associate Tag (aka, Amazon Tracking ID) into Top-Itz.  Each night, Top-Itz randomly chooses a new set of users and generates links based on those Amazon Associate Tags.  If someone clicks your link and purchases the item, you get some $$$ from Amazon!  Woo-hoo!  As usual, I documented how I did this in one document called Programming Top-Itz with PHP5, Amazon API and Facebook.  Click on the Documents link at the left, then click on Web Documents, or click here.  Note that Top-Itz is no longer up-and-running, but much of the information available in this document is valid.